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CIMENICS Resources for Authors

Dear Author,

The 13th International Congress on Numerical Methods in Engineering and Applied Sciences will use the web-based conference management software system EasyChair (  in order to receive and evaluate the Draft papers submitted to Congress. To access EasyChair should only click on the "CIMENICS login" button provided from the conference website in the section Information for Authors, Program Committee Organizers and Reviewers. You can also access the software system by entering into a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome) the URL

Instructions for submit Draft Papers to the Organizers and Reviewers

1. After entering EasyChair, the login form (Figure 1) appears on the screen.


Figure 1. Login Form to EasyChair

If you have a user login EasyChair, enter the user account and password and then press the Log in button to enter.

If you have never used the EasyChair system, you should follow the steps to formalize the creation of a new account. We suggest you visit the following link first before proceeding (read more...).

2. Select the New Submission option found on the upper left zone of the main window EasyChair.

Figure 2. New submission (Main menu)

3. A form where you can fill out all information on the draft paper, as authors, title, abstract, keywords, and the article in digital format appears. Please, complete the information of the authors, as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3. Author's info (Form)


4. For each author, you must complete the information of names, email, country of origin and the institution to which the author is linked. If required additional authors (more than three), you should only select the Click here to add more authors option, which is just below the form to enter the authors, as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4. "Click here to add more authors" option

5. After entering the information of the authors, complete information describing your article (title, abstract), as shown in Figure 5. Please include the beginning of the title the article number assigned by the CIMENICS Organizers (Example: CIM_103: MECHANICAL EVALUATION OF PLASTIC A MODULAR SYSTEM DESIGNED OF KNEE-ANKLE-FOOT FOR CHILDREN ORTHOTICS)

Figure 5. About the Draft Paper:Title, Abstract

6. Note that, by order of the Organizing Committee, the Draft Paper to be submitted for evaluation should be framed exclusively in one of the sessions (Topics) listed on the form in Figure 6. If you have any questions about this issue, please contact with the conference organizers by cimenics2016@gmail.comm.


Figure 6. Topic that relates the Paper (select only one option)


7. Enter a set of keywords to help identify the most important issues addressed by the project. For this purpose you must enter each word in each line of the form presented in Figure 6 (to separate one word from another should only type the Enter key at the end of it, for these are on different lines).

Figure 7. List of Keywords (Form)


8. You must then attach the document to submit the Draft Paper. To do this, click on the Browse button, and then select the file that contains your publication (.DOC) (.PDF), (LaTex).

Figure 8. Form that allows you to upload the document to the Proceedings of Congress and sending it to the CIMENICS Organizers

9. Finally, select the Submit button to send all information. NOTE: Press the Submit button only once, if you press this button more than twice the system will assume that is undergoing a new Paper is submitted.

Figure 9. Last step to submit your Draft Paper (Submit button)

I add additional work? Repeat again steps 2 onwards for each approved Abstract requiring up their respective Draft Paper.

Instructions for submitting changes Final Paper after review

10. Select the <<Submission "NN">> option found on the top left zone of the main window EasyChair. The new menu will appear on the top-right side of the screen will allow you to make changes to our records. To send a new version of the Final Paper incorporating the recommendations of the reviewers for approval, check the <<Update file>> option. Additionally, if you made changes to the title or abstract, we will request that you update our database, marking the <<Update Information>> menu option.

Figure 10. Submit your Final Paper file with modifications