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About USB


After fourteen years (CIMENICS 2002), the Simon Bolivar University is honored to again be the meeting point for national and international researchers for a reconvening of the International Conference on Numerical Methods in Engineering and Applied Sciences - CIMENICS 2016.

Simon Bolivar University is a public, free and experimental institution created in 1967. It started its academic activities in 1970 in the Valley of Sartenejas in Caracas and seven years later in Camurí Grande Valley Vargas. Currently has these two locations.

Located in the municipality Baruta, Headquarters Sartenejas owns 230 hectares of land in the Valley Sartenejas, has 78 buildings with more than 4000 internal spaces that house 190 classrooms, laboratories, administrative offices and services and circulation spaces and a recreational sector of just over 20 hectares, which is used by the internal and external community especially on weekends. Environmental protection area reaches 165 hectares. Additionally, there are five ornamental fountains and more than 124,000 square meters of walkways and routes.

By 2016, the Simon Bolivar University is ranked at 1,526 global scale (Ranking Web of Universities), ranked 85 in Latin America, and is third on the national level.

Currently, its academic undergraduate career includes 18 among engineering, bachelors, architecture and urbanism, 12 programs for university technicians and more than 73 graduate programs among Graduates, Specializations, Masters and Doctorates.