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Plenary Speakers

Plenary Speaker: Prof. Miguel E. Cerrolaza (CIMNE, Spain)

Civil Eng. (UCV, Caracas, 1979). MSc. (UFRJ, Brazil, 1981). Dr. Eng. (Pol. Univ. Madrid,  Spain, 1988). PostDoc (ENPC, París). Founder of the National Institute of Bioengineering (UCV, 1995). Full Researcher at the Int ́l Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE, Barcelona). Associate Prof. at the Barcelona Tech-UPC. 110 papers in int ́l journals, 160 papers in int ́l congresses, 43 invited/plenary conferences world-wide. He has advised more than 40 theses (MSc & PhD), 12/10 edited/author books, member of the Scientific Boards of over 10 int ́l biomedical engng. journals, Editor-in-Chief of the J. of Adv. in Biomech. & Appl. Coordinator of several European and USA RTD projects. Main research: computational biomechanics, numerical methods, bone remodelling, computer simulation of biological processes.

Title: Computational modeling in biomechanics.
Author: M. Cerrolaza (CIMNE, España)


Plenary Speaker: Prof. Carlos Graciano (UNAC, Colombia)

Carlos Graciano, Mech.  Eng. graduated from Simon Bolivar University (USB) in 1992, The M.Sc. in Mech. Eng. was given by the USB in 1995. He completed his M.Sc. in Structural  Engineering   Steel  and  Timber  Structures  at  the  Chalmers  University  of Technology    (Sweden),  and . In  2002  he  also  completed  his Ph.D. program  in  Structural Engineering at  the Lulea  University  of Technology (Sweden).The  main  research  interest are: metallic structures, FE computational simulation and energy dissipation. He is currently an Associate Professor at the Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of Mines (Medellin Building). National University of Colombia.

Title: Energy dissipation in structures based on expanded metal.
Author: C. Graciano (UNAC, Colombia), G. Martínez (USB, Venezuela), P. Teixeira (USB, Venezuela)



Plenary Speaker: Prof. Sara Wong (UCUENCA, Ecuador)

Elec. Eng. (USB, Caracas, 1992) Electronic(USB, Caracas, 1996).Ph.D.inSignal Processing and Communications (University  of Rennes I, France,  2004).she has been coordinator of the Group of Bioengineering and Applied Biophysics USB for 10 years. She has involved in several R&D Projects, advised numerous work theses and she has published more than 70scientific  articles  in Bioengineering. The research interest is focused on biomedical signal processing related to ischemia, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and Physical Activity. Sara is currently working at the Department of Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunications, University of Cuenca, Ecuador.

Title: ¿What does heart rate variability mean?.
Author: S. Wong (Universty of Cuenca, Ecuador)



Plenary Speaker: Prof. Fernando Ruette (IVIC, Venezuela)

Fernando Ruette, is graduated in Chemistry in1971. He has received his doctorate in 1982 (IVIC) working with computational chemistry. His research interests are focused on modeling and simulation of molecular biology, atmospheric chemistry, catalytic hydrogenation, kinetic Monte Carlo and interstellar chemistry. Besides he has developed some computational applications in the oil industry. He is currently involved with in postgraduate programs at the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (IVIC). He is also the head of the Computational Chemistry Lab (IVIC). His publications include 140 articles in national and international journals, 142 papers in national congress and 127 papers in international conferences.
Title: Web-based computational chemistry and physics education.
Autor: F. Ruette (IVIC, Venezuela)



Plenary Speaker: Prof. Caribay Urbina (UCV, Venezuela)

Caribay urbina, is graduated in Chemistry from the Central University of Venezuela (UCV)  in 1980. She  has  received  her  doctorate in  1988(UCV)working  with electron microscopy. In  1991,  she  was  a  Post  Doctoral  fellow  at  the  Institut  de  Recherches  sur  la Catalyse (CNRS), Lyon-Francia. Her research interests are: synthesis and characterization of catalysts, polymers, nanoparticles, nanomaterials, meso-and microporous  materials,. Besides she has an interest in materials characterization by electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction.  She is currently working at the Electron Microscopy Center of the Sciences Faculty (UCV).  She  is  also  the  President  of  the  Venezuelan  Society of Electron Microscopy. Her publications  include 100 articles  in national  and international  journals, 195  papers in national congress and 165 papers in international conferences.

Title: Measuring & characterizing nanomaterials structure by electron microscopy.
Autor: C. Urbina (UCV, Venezuela)



Plenary Speaker: Prof. Gerardo Jaimes (PDVSA, Venezuela)

Gerardo Jaimes, is  graduated  in  Physics from the Central  University  of  Venezuela (UCV)  in  1995, he  continued  his studies (UCV) and completed the M.Sc. program in Instrumentation Eng. in  2000. Then, in 2010 the  degree of Dr.Cs. in  Instrumentation Eng. was  also  given  by  the Central  University  of  Venezuela. The  professional  topics  and research  interests are: nuclear magnetic resonance, electrical prospecting, magnetic fields and experimental methods of physics of rocks. Professional  activities  are  related  to  geophysics of oil  wells  at  the  Venezuela  Oil Company (Petróleos de Venezuela, PDVSA).

Title: Unconventional experimental methods of physics applied to oil wells.
Autor: G. Jaimes (PDVSA, Venezuela)


Plenary Speaker: Prof. Gloria Buendia (USB, Venezuela)

Gloría  Buendía is Professor of Physics (USB-Caracas). She graduated Cum-Laude in  Physics in 1979 (USB-Caracas). She has  received  his  doctorate  in  1987from  the University  of  California, San  Diego  (USA). She  has  published  more  than60 international publications within  specifics  subjects  infield  theory,  magnetic systems and unbalanced systems. She also  was the Dean  R&D of  the  Simon  Bolivar  University  (USB). Prof. Buendía has been a  guest professor at  many universities worldwide. She has received the "Rafael  Torrealba"  Award(Association of  Professors-USB)  and  the International  Travel Grant Award of the American Physical Society.

Title: Numerical simulations: a wide range of applications.
Autor: G. Buendia (USB, Venezuela)