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General Information

The international, technical and scientific community faces the growing need to approach, in an efficient and accurate way, the solution to problems which are described by mathematical and experimental models of increasing complexity. This complexity imposes the development of numerical strategies and experimental procedures to solve specific problems.

The Venezuelan Society of Numerical Methods in Engineering has taken up the challenge to be an institution dedicated to promote and spread knowledge in the field of numerical methods. Following that objective, it has sponsored and organized ten meetings since 1993, with enthusiastic participation of government institutions and national universities, as well as researchers and professionals on several applications in engineering and applied sciences, attending the conference like sponsors, participants or speakers. Varity of papers have been presented within this event including theoretical, computational and experimental research work.

CIMENICS2016 is jointly organized by the Simón Bolívar University (USB), Venezuelan Society of Numerical Methods in Engineering (SVMNI) and the Central University of Venezuela (UCV), and we are looking to promote massive participation. One idea is publishing selected papers through the peer-review process within well-known national journals so, we encourage colleagues attending the conference to keep the gold standard of the main points you make in the paper to be selected.

The program will be structured in thematic sessions for the different available fields and a set of plenary lectures from well-known researchers.

We expect that CIMENIC2016 promotes a relevant discussion in all topics, and it will be a reference for future research directions and developments for most researchers, engineers, experts and students attending this important meeting.

This congress will be exceptionally held in July instead March as it has been organized regularly.