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Activate your EasyChair account (Subreviewer)

If you are an subreviewer added to the program committee of CIMENICS 2016 (13th International Congress on Numerical Methods in Engineering and Applied Sciences),this page will give you instructions to create or activate your user profile in EasyChair and allow qualifying the draft papers assigned by the organizers of technical sessions.

To create an account, please go to Step 1; otherwise, go to Step 4:

Step 1

To create an account, Click in and follow the procedure described on this page. Every login point to EasyChair contains links to the account creation page. You should end up in a page looking like this:

Step 2: Email Address Verification

The next page you visit will contain this form:

Each EasyChair account has one or more email addresses associated with it, one of them is called your main email address. The email you enter in the form will be your main email address. This email address should accepts emails from our domain The most common problem in creating an account is that the email address you specify cannot receive email from us, because of your mail server configuration, spam filters or other problems, etc.

Step 3: Verification Email

After you fill out the form, EasyChair will send a verification email to this email address, to make sure that you own this address and that it can receive emails from EasyChair.

The verification email will contain instructions like this:

We received a request to create an EasyChair account
for you. To create an EasyChair account, please use
this link:

In most cases you receive this email, follow the link, see the form like this:

and complete your account creation.

To do so you should access  and enter your EasyChair user name and password.


Step 4: Find CIMENICS 2016 in your list conferences

Alternatively, you can log in to EasyChair using and find CIMENICS 2016 in your list of conferences.

To change account roles (PC member, Author) select Main menu --> CIMENICS 2016 --> Change role


Step 5: Answer the Review request

To answer the review request sended by CIMENICS PC members, please log in to your EasyChair account associated with your main email address  and you will find the review request either under the Alert menu tab, or by following links EasyChair -> My Conferences -> CIMENICS 2016.

Click in the "View" icon to reply this request.

To accept or decline this request or to communicate with the CIMENICS 2016 PC member click on "Answer request". Even if your review is ready, to submit this review you should answer the request first.

If You accepted the request, then, to submit your review use "Submit review" in the upper right corner.

For all questions related to this topic, please contact <>