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Final Paper preparation


If your abstract is accepted (.DOC Abstract Template), you'll need to submit a draft for technical review. Please note the following.

    Your draft must be prepared in accordance with the CIMENICS Author Guidelines (.DOC Template) (.PDF Template) (LaTex Template).
    Your draft must include your conference paper number and the proper header. Please make sure you indentify your file with the code number that was given by te Organizing Committee. The conference-specific header can be found under Conference-Specific Information.
    Your draft must be submitted as a PDF file.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you submit your draft, please update the information on your work at this time. Paper title and author information are subject to change in the time between abstract and draft document. [In order to have the program and publication correctly identify you and your work, it is important that this information be updated.]

If you need assistance, please contact an organizer or CIMENICS staff member for assistance.